Dangerous Roadways Attorney Antioch, CA
Dangerous Roadways

Safety is vital to any community, and Antioch is no different. Nearly a quarter of the city's population are minor children, many of whom walk home from school or to the beautiful local parks.

Of course, everyone deserves safe passage on the roadways, no matter their age. When harrowing accidents occur, families take notice and look for ways to safeguard themselves.

Frightening Accidents on Antioch Roadways

James Donlon Boulevard raises concerns for local residents. Motorists speeding down the road have caused multiple fiery crashes. Nearly 200 accidents, over 100 injuries and at least six fatalities have occurred over a seven-year span. Unfortunately, a recent fatal crash happened in the precise spot where a memorial lay for another victim.

The intersections of James Donlon with Lone Tree Way, Somersville Road and Contra Loma Boulevard are among the worst. Lone Tree Way is an even more dangerous roadway, with over double the number of accidents during the same timeframe. Antioch residents continue to call on city officials to take action and make the streets safer.

The Responsibility To Care for a Dangerous Roadway

Federal, state and local governments have the responsibility of keeping roads in safe condition. These entities also set and enforce the laws that allow citizens to have secure travel. Thus, a governmental entity can become liable for an unsafe road.

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A government has a reasonable time to discover and remedy poor road conditions before becoming liable. Such circumstances include:

  1. Foliage that covers road signs 
  2. No rumble strips on highways
  3. Dangerous curves
  4. Inadequate traffic control
  5. Poor lighting or signage

Also, if poor road planning or design results in a dangerous road, a governmental entity may bear the fault. In Antioch, the California Tort Claims Act provides citizens the right to file a suit against a government within 180 days of an injury or death.

However, in many cases of government negligence, the entity may have immunity from civil lawsuits. For instance, a government may claim design immunity. A plaintiff could only overcome such an argument by demonstrating a change in conditions that created hazards. Also, the government must have had notice of the hazardous conditions and a reasonable time to correct the situation.

If an administration did not offer sufficient warnings, a judge might find it at fault. Such a case would require stellar preparation to confront government lawyers.

Antioch Auto Accident Injuries and Fatalities
Auto Accident Injuries and Fatalities

Claims for Injuries and Fatalities

Any time a person in Antioch suffers injury or the death of a loved one due to another's negligence, that individual may be able to sue for damages. The restitution helps to cover numerous monetary and emotional losses, such as:

  1. Property damage
  2. Loss of income and earning capacity
  3. Current and future medical bills
  4. Funeral and burial expenses
  5. Pain and suffering

The at-fault party includes anyone who holds responsibility for the incident. While a government entity may bear some blame, a victim might also pursue compensatory damages from a reckless driver or someone whose actions instigated the accident. Faulty products in a vehicle or on the roads themselves could also lead to claims against manufacturers.

Attorneys Offering Assistance in Antioch

The consequences of an accident can be devastating. Residents of Antioch are not without options to pursue fair compensation, no matter who the opponent is. If you need an experienced attorney to fight your case, contact O'Connor, Runckel & O'Malley for a free consultation.

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