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Commercial Truck Accidents

The United States Department of Transportation data shows that there are almost 500,000 truck accidents in the United States each year. It has been estimated that as many as 8% - 12% of all fatal accidents are caused by big rigs. A big rig truck can weigh more than 80,000 pounds and be up to 75 feet in length. Because of this difference in size and weight from passenger vehicles, it is not shocking that truck accidents result in more traumatic injuries and a larger number of deaths than all other traffic accidents.

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Reasons for accidents involving 18 wheelers:

  • Negligence on the part of the truck driver
  • Negligence of other drivers involved in the accident
  • Failure to inspect brakes, tires and lights
  • Tailgating
  • Falling asleep at the wheel. Long work-shifts that cause driver fatigue
  • Cell phone use
  • Failure to install blind spot mirrors
  • Jackknifing
  • Speeding and ignoring reduced truck speed limit

Passenger cars Safety tips:

  • Keep as much space as possible between your vehicle and large trucks.
  • Do not linger alongside a truck; you may be in the trucker’s blind spot.
  • Do not cut in front of a truck. Trucks take longer to stop.
  • Do not tailgate a large truck. If you are following a truck and cannot see the truck’s side mirrors, the driver cannot see you.
  • Always give trucks plenty of room when they are turning.

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