Recent articles in the Contra Costa Times on cycling accidents have been alarming and cause for a rethinking of how we address the various types of riders on our roads. Our public roadways are for everyone; car drivers, trucks, bikers and cyclists.  Cyclists love riding Mount Diablo because it offers a test of vigor and skill, and scenic pleasures beyond a normal biking trail.  However, bikers do understand the dangers, as Bruce McConnell from the Press Democrat explains:

I will caution that nearly all of the cycling accidents on Diablo are on the downhill descent as riders overlook corners or collide with cars passing going uphill. Slow down, the view going down should be experienced not raced.

Mount Diablo Cyclist
"Mount Diablo Cyclist". Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikipedia

The majority of accidents that occur on Mount Diablo are not the fault of bikers or cyclists, but vehicle drivers who do not stay in their own lane as they go through turns.  While this can be dangerous for those drivers should they hit another car, it can be deadly for cyclists and motorcycle operators should they be the ones hit.  For this reason state park officials are posting  signs to warn car and truck operators to be more cautious and watch for cyclists who may be traveling on this curvy roadway.

If you have already been injured or lost a loved one to a driver who failed to take the safety of cyclists on Mount Diablo into consideration, the new signage is probably of little comfort.    You may take legal action against the driver should negligence have occurred to seek compensation.

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