WALNUT CREEK, CA – A driver struck two pedestrians while walking in the crosswalk at Walnut Avenue and Oak Grove Road in Walnut Creek. The accident happened Friday morning and Oak Grove Road remains closed while the police continue their investigation at the scene.

Both victims are approximately 60 years of age and remain in the hospital in critical condition, one suffering from head injuries.

According to police both women were walking inside the crosswalk. So far it doesn’t seem as if the driver was speeding or doing anything else against the law, except for not coming to a stop at the intersection where the women were crossing the street.


Pedestrian Accident
Pedestrian Accident

A resident of Walnut Creek describes this street as dangerous at times and wishes drivers would exercise a bit more caution. “In the mornings people are driving really fast along that stretch because a lot of kids attend Northgate High School. Right there is a blind spot so when people cross the creek bed a lot of drivers don’t stop for the pedestrians. That’s where this happened, and every once in awhile people do get hit and accidents do happen,” said Kevin Kuhn.

The woman driver that hit the two pedestrians was just 20 years old. She’s now at police headquarters being interviewed about the accident. According to police there’s no reason to believe alcohol was a factor, nor was she texting at the time or otherwise using her phone. She simply did not stop at the intersection, but police are still investigating.

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