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MARTINEZ, CA -- Gerardo Harquin admitted to the police he was totally at fault, causing the head-on collision, killing a Concord mother and her baby daughter. This was according to testimony given by a police officer on Tuesday.

Officer Kevin Mansourian, a Concord policeman, testified on day 2 of Harquin’s trial on murder charges. He was asked about the interview he conducted with the defendant several hours after the accident while he was in the emergency room of a local hospital. The officer said that the defendant told him he sensed his SUV was drifting towards the left as he bent over to adjust the volume on the radio. That was when he glanced up to find he was driving on the opposite side of Willow Pass Road and going “the wrong way,” describing the head-on collision with the Dodge Charger as imminent.

WALNUT CREEK, CA – A driver struck two pedestrians while walking in the crosswalk at Walnut Avenue and Oak Grove Road in Walnut Creek. The accident happened Friday morning and Oak Grove Road remains closed while the police continue their investigation at the scene.

Both victims are approximately 60 years of age and remain in the hospital in critical condition, one suffering from head injuries.

According to police both women were walking inside the crosswalk. So far it doesn’t seem as if the driver was speeding or doing anything else against the law, except for not coming to a stop at the intersection where the women were crossing the street.

According to officials who spoke out on Monday, the sightseeing tour bus that went out-of-control last week crashing at Union Square in San Francisco, possibly due to brake failure, was not registered with the state of California nor had it been inspected, which are both required by law.

The open-air, double-decker bus being run by City Sightseeing, was not officially listed as part of the company’s fleet, according to a spokesperson from the California Public Utilities Commission, the agency charged with regulating tour buses.

PITTSBURG – Gemma Bassi, a 70-year-old woman, was badly injured last year in a bus accident as a result of being thrown from her wheelchair while riding the bus. She has filed a lawsuit for $250,000 against the city of Pittsburg and the bus company, Tri-Delta Transit.

In the lawsuit, Bassa claims she suffered multiple fractured bones, a sprained neck, injuries to her lower back and multiple contusions when a Dial-a-Ride bus she was taking slammed into a speed bump on Norine Road while allegedly going too fast. The accident occurred on December 23, 2014, causing Bassi to be thrown from her wheelchair into the interior side of the bus. As she was thrown her feet became jammed beneath an interior wheel well, causing several toes to break and her dentures to be permanently damaged, according to her attorney. Ironically, Bassi was returning from the hospital when the accident occurred.