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A 10 year prison sentence was handed down to Cindy Norma Sayad, the 47-year-old Concord woman whose DUI accident seriously injured a woman crossing Clayton Road back in 2008. The injured woman was in a crosswalk. The 39-year-old accident victim, a resident of Walnut Creek, suffered traumatic brain injury causing memory loss. In addition, her leg was injured so severely that she is now is confined to the use of a walker or wheelchair.

The victim was walking at dusk in a crosswalk on Clayton Road at Roslyn Drive in Concord on March 6, 2008, when she was stuck by the automobile driven by Sayad. Sayad's blood alcohol level was determined to be .15 when she was tested three hours after the crash. That is almost twice the legal limit.

"She doesn't remember the accident at all, and her mother is now her 24-hour caregiver," the prosecutor said of the victim."It's a very sad case."

Unfortunately it is not uncommon for a catastrophic injury like this to affect the vicitim's neurological system, skeletal system, or muscular system. Over the course of the person’s life, medical needs change, and it is important to plan for these needs over the long term. The attorneys at O’Connor, Runckel & O’Malley work with medical professionals, vocational rehabilitation experts, and financial planners to determine all of the effects of catastrophic injuries. We have the skill and experience to ensure that individuals and their families receive the financial support necessary to help them move forward with their lives.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured due to the negligence of another, please contact the lawyers at O’Connor, Runckel & O’Malley.

(Source: Mercury News)

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