Sept 8, Walnut Creek, CA

At about 6:15p.m. on Saturday, a red pickup truck driven by Walnut Creek resident Hossein Tabrizi, 53,  struck four individuals on North Main Street and Parkside as they walked near the Marriott Hotel.

Witness accounts to police suggest that Tabrizi was heading south on Main Street when he shifted onto the west side sidewalk, slammed into a street light and retaining wall, and came to a stop as the vehicle was stuck between the two.

Of the people  struck, two were severely injured, resulting in one death at the scene. The younger woman was struck so hard that she was flung to a nearby parking lot. She was recovered and taken to a local hospital.  Sherry Hicks, 52, of Santa Barbara was thrown 30 to 40 feet into the median in the center of the street.  She died at the scene

Hossien Tabrizi
(Courtesy of the Walnut Creek Police)

The driver, Hossein Tabrizi, 53, was arrested under suspicion of vehicular manslaughter after he was pulled from the crashed truck and treated at a hospital. He has a record of drunk driving (DUI) offenses.

As a result of the accident, Main Street was closed for several hours before being reopened on the same day.

Anyone with information regarding the incident is requested to come forward and call the Walnut Creek Police at (925)943-5844

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