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King City, California

A seven-car accident caused by an alleged drunk driver killed three people on Wednesday. The crashed occured on Highway 101 at about 8:45 PM when a southbound driver, took her eyes off the road to pick up her cell phone, and crossed over into the northbound lanes. Her Ford Explorer then struck a Volkswagen killing 3 of the occupants and seriously injuring the remaining one. The Volkswagen then hit a Toyata, sending the driver, a resident of Napa, to the hospital with moderate injuries. At least 4 other vehicles became involved in the accident, as the drivers swerved to avoid it, or hit debris.

The driver that caused the accident, Vivian R Ramirez 42, of Gonzales, has been charged with felony gross vehicular manslaughter and felony suspicion of driving under the influence. She sustained major injuries as a result of the crash, possibly including a broken neck.

Maria Ochoa, 53, of Pleasanton, Rafael Zambrano Llamas, 37, and another passenger, Graciela Hernandez Llamas, 39, died as a result of the accident. The were all returning from a funeral in King city. The fourth occupant of the Volkswagen, Maria Guadalupe Vargas-Manzo, 37, was hospitalized with major injuries.

A wrongful death caused by a drunk driver can be extremely difficult for the surviving family members. At O’Connor, Runckel & O’Malley, we represent clients who have lost loved ones due to others negligence. With nearly 50 years of litigation and trial experience, we are not afraid to take anyone to trial that has wrongfully caused the death of your loved one, spouse, child, or family member. While most cases involving wrongful death settle out of court, when bringing a wrongful death suit to court, we work closely with our clients to present a full picture of the loss that surviving family members have suffered. We work to make sure you and your loved ones are receive the Fair Compensation that you are entitled too. That compensation will include present and future wages, medical expenses, and funeral costs, but it will also include loss of love, guidance and companionship, moral support, and financial support.

(Source: Pleasanton Weekly)

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