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On June 15th, at the crossing of Marsh Creek Road and Vasco Road in Brentwood, a red light runner struck the Felix family's 1998 Dodge Caravan, causing two fatalities.

Alonzo Felix and Andrea Beade had been driving to San Jose to get breakfast and then let their children enjoy the pony rides at a local flea market when the accident struck. The driver of the other car died from his injuries, and the entire Felix family was hospitalized. Their unborn fifth son of four months was killed in the crash.

Alonzo suffered severe lacerations to his arms and several fractured ribs, while his wife Andrea sustained a broken leg and several broken ribs. As of June 21st, the last two of their children have been released from the Oakland Children's Hospital, and are being cared for by friends of the family.

Of his family, Alonzo is the only one not covered by Medi-Cal. Doctors predict that it will be at least six months before he is fully recovered. Beade remains at the John Muir Medical Center without any given date of discharge.

Alonzo Felix is a former farmer turned to odd jobs due to a back injury eleven years prior, and his wife is a fruit packer on a local farm. Though their income is low, they manage to keep their family fed, clothed, and happy.

They keep active within their community, regularly attending church and participating in related activities. Alonzo teaches weekly catechism classes for youths preparing for their first Communion. Andrea is a lector, reading Scriptural passages during Mass one or twice a month. Their eldest son Jonathan often helps Alonzo with administrative tasks during his classes.

Money is tight within the family between medical expenses, cost of living, and the $1,144 rent due on their three-bedroom apartment, and their injuries from the accident only complicate matters further. Fortunately, members of their church and community have taken action to make their return to normalcy as quick as possible.

Between caring for their children (ages ranging from 4 to 14), taking care of chores, and running a fundraiser on June 23rd to help the family with bills, friends and sympathizers of the Felix family are providing adequate tangible assistance and moral support to keep a bad situation from turning worse.

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